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Early childhood is a critical period in development physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is also a time when symptoms of mental disorders can appear, especially children genetically and/or environmentally at risk. It can be difficult to distinguish abnormal behavior and possible signs of an underlying problem. By coupling medication and therapy, Dr. Leidner fosters resilience in children and their families. When children live in an environment that supports their social, emotional, and physical security, they are able to develop positive cognitive skills and the strengths that allow them to overcome adversity.


Adolescence is a difficult time in any child’s life. As hormones go into full effect, adolescents can have a hard time managing and understanding such rapid changes. Often, teens do not tell their parents what they’re struggling with and parents may feel guilt or anger for not understanding. Dr. Leidner helps teens and their parents navigate through these temporary obstacles and evaluates each need to create a happy, gratifying adolescence.


The brain doesn’t reach full maturity until around the age of 25 and many disorders don’t appear until adulthood. Major life changes and decisions are often accompanied by stress and anxiety. These circumstances can put individuals with genetic predispositions at risk. In other cases, individuals are trying to process traumatic or troubling events in their past that inhibit them from flourishing in the present. In either case, Dr. Leidner can help guide you back on the path to leading a healthy and fulfilling life.