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Rachel Leidner specializes in helping patients of all ages from young children to adults

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Dr. Leidner specializes in the diagnosis and the treatment of disorders of feeling, thinking and behavior affecting children and their families. By assessing emotional, physical, cognitive, family and social components, Dr. Leidner can provide empowering services that will give children and their families the tools to ensure a happy, healthy childhood.


Symptoms of some disorders display much differently in adolescents. Dr. Leidner provides support and understanding while guiding parents and adolescents through a time of difficult transitions. Using a thoughtful approach, Dr. Leidner tailors specific treatments for each unique adolescent.


By focusing on prevention, treatment and management of mental disorders, Dr. Leidner creates an individualized plan to provide long-term stability and recovery. The integrated approach of evaluation, medication, and therapy helps her clients understand their disorder and learn how to thrive in life.

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